Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kalgoorlie moske plan prompts fierce public debate

A proposal to build a moske in Western Australia's Goldfields has prompted an angry reaction from the local community
Plans to build the pislamic place of warship on Park Street were approved at a City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder meeting earlier this week
More than 100 people attended the meeting and a significant majority opposed the plan
Acting Mayor Allan Pendal said it was one of most contentious issues council had ever dealt with
"I was told we had somewhere in the vicinity of 120 people [at the meeting] and in my nine years on council that's clearly the most we've had," he said
"It was a little tense for a while, we were quite comfortable, we were well prepared and knew what our position was, but clearly there were some objectors"
Cr Pendal said many people who attended did not understand the city could only address planning matters
"We can't take any of those aspects into account, whether it be religion or political matters, we're simply there to assess a planning application on planning law, and that's exactly what we did," he said
"It's a very emotional thing and people do have some concerns and they are within their rights to have concerns but the [council meeting] was not the place to express that"
Hundreds of comments were voiced on Kalgoorlie-Boulder Faceblock pages, many too offensive to publish
One person wrote "give it a month and the moske will be a pile of ashes" and "put your moske up and see how long it lasts"
There was also repeated talk of burying a dead pig on the proposed site to deter the local pislamic community from building there
Another Faceblock page - Stop The moske in Kalgoorlie-Boulder - has amassed more than 1,000 supporters
West Australians for Racial Equality spokesman Suresh Rajan said much of the opposition was due to ignorance

Goldfields pislamic Community Centre co-founder Eric Wright said the moske could attract more professionals to the region
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Why are Turkish sharmutas posting these images?

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One down, plenty more to go

Falesimians gather near the minaret of a moske that police said was destroyed by an Israeli Air strike in Gaza City July 30, 2014

Sydney jihadist Khaled Sharrouf on 'the path they hate' since 19

Sydney jihadist Khaled Sharrouf claims he has been on a path to radicalism for more than a decade, despite a court determining in 2009 that it was unlikely he would commit further terrorist offences
Australia's most wanted terrorist handed an extraordinary manifesto to Fairfax Media this week, threatening a terrorist attack on Australian soil and revealing he had been 'on the path they hate' since he was 19, four years before his arrest over the Pendennis terror plot
Court documents reveal that more than a decade of radicalism started when Sharrouf, now 33, turned to his local moske in his late teens to help with hallucinations and paranoia brought on from years of drug abuse
His beliefs were shaped by regular teachings from a network of extremists including his brother-in-law Mahound Ndaw, who was deported in 2004 and was a close friend of French terror suspect Willie Brigitte, and Melbourne-based cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika, who told Sharrouf it was his duty to skip the country even if there was a risk of getting caught, court document show
In a 2005 phone call with convicted terrorist Mazen Touma, Sharrouf said: "I swear to allah I'll be the first to get out of this stuffed-up country. Sons of dogs ... listen here, I swear I'd rather be locked up and tortured and everything in a pislamic country rather than be locked up one day in this country"
However, when he was sentenced in 2009 for buying six clocks and 140 batteries to use in a terrorist bombing, his penalty was slightly reduced because the court believed he was likely to move away from extremism
A psychiatrist said that Sharrouf had been properly medicated for schizophrenia and indicated no "desire to remain involved in organised religious activity"

Khaled Sharrouf has threatened a terror attack
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Watch Israeli spokesman's stunning comeback to Mohyeldin's claim that hamas 'highly revered' by Gazans

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CAIR-San Diego reptile says American taxpayers are funding killing in Gaza

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Sudanese Christian woman with overturned apostasy death sentence arrives in United States

A Sudanese Christian woman who had been facing death threats after her apostasy death sentence was overturned has arrived in the United States with her family
Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag had been sentenced to death for renouncing pislam but was acquitted after international pressure on the court in Khartoum
The family flew first into the city of Philadelphia, where she was welcomed by the mayor as a "world freedom fighter" and presented with a model of the Liberty Bell, a symbol of US independence
The 26-year-old, her two infant children and her US-citizen husband Daniel Wani later continued on to New Hampshire, where Mr Wani has family
After leaving Sudan the family had spent eight days in Rome, where Ms Ishag said she "learned how to live again"
The White House last week said it was delighted at Ms Ishag's release and looked forward to welcoming her to the United States
A global outcry erupted in May after Ms Ishag was sentenced under sharia law to hang for apostasy
Days after her conviction, she gave birth to her daughter in prison

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag had been sentenced under sharia to hang for apostasy
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San Diego wild pig population control program approved

A program designed to control the population of wild pigs causing environmental damage by scrounging for food in San Diego's backcountry was unanimously approved Wednesday by the county Board of Supervisors
According to a staff report, the pigs - numbering about 1,000 - have caused significant damage in and around Lake Morena County Park by rooting for food and wallowing in bodies of water
"They're a big problem in the (East County) region, and it's high time that we get this problem under control before they spread into other areas," board Chairwoman Dianne Jacob. "Obviously, these feral pigs have already caused some serious damage at Lake Morena"
Local, state and federal officials, along with representatives of local Indian tribes, have been meeting about the feral pig problem for four years. According to a staff report, the pigs have been spotted from Palomar Mountain to the north, throughout Cuyamaca State Park and down to Potrero, near the border with Mexico
The action by the supervisors calls for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to implement a population control plan for the pigs, which reproduce at a rapid rate. The pigs were first spotted locally around 10 years ago
The plan calls for setting up traps and shooting those animals that are caught, shooting them outside of traps when necessary, and firing at them from helicopters
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Sudanese woman who faced death penalty arrives In U.S.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

World Trade Center site in New York reveals history behind mysterious ship

It’s a ship tied to two critical points in American history: September 11, 2001, and the eve of the Revolutionary War
Researchers said this week that a vessel unearthed four years ago at the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan was made from wood cut around the year 1773 — two years before the start of the war and three years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence
Scientists at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, writing in the July issue of the journal Tree Ring Research, said the white oak in the ship’s frame came from a Philadelphia-area forest and matched the material used to build the city’s Independence Hall
They said they tentatively identified it as a Dutch-designed, Philadelphia-built sloop made to carry passengers and cargo over shallow, rocky water
They said it sailed for 20 to 30 years before being weighed down and sunk to the bottom of the Hudson River as landfill to extend lower Manhattan
A 32-foot piece of the vessel was found in July 2010 about six metres under a street during construction of a parking garage for the new 1 World Trade Center tower, part of the complex rebuilt after the 9/11 terrorist attacks took down two towers
Archaeologists dismantled the ship piece-by-piece and freeze-dried each plank so they could be studied and eventually reassembled for display
A 45 kilogram iron anchor was found a few yards from the hull, possibly from the old vessel

Planks of an 18th century ship stick out of the mud at the World Trade Center
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Paris Protests: Pro and anti-Israel demos grip France

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CAIR-NY reptile urges rejection of pislamophobia, Anti-Semitism resulting from Gaza killings

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Hate crime cops investigating anti-arselifter fliers distributed in Bath Beach apartment building

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes unit is looking to identify the person who distributed anti-arselifter fliers in at least one of the Shore Haven apartment buildings near Cropsey Avenue and 21st Avenue in Bath Beach, according to Councilman Mark Treyger’s office
The fliers were found throughout the building this week, showing a hateful message calling arselifters “the second holocaust” and claims “USA hates you”. There is what appears to be a sharmuta in a burka inside a “No” symbol, and there is also an abundance of exclamation points
“I am disgusted and saddened to hear of this hateful act in our community. There is absolutely no place for this type of hatred, especially in a city and borough as diverse and tolerant as ours. My thanks to the 62nd Precinct for their quick response and thorough investigation of this heinous act,” said Treyger in a statement
“I will continue to work closely with the NYPD and entire community so those responsible for spreading hate will held accountable and I urge anyone with information to come forward. It is my belief that an act of hate against one group is an act of hate against our entire community. The bottom line is there is no room in this day and age for these attacks against any member of our community”
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Rep says al-Gorejizya owners fund hamas, while on al-Gorejizya

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Thomson Airlines flight diverted after drunk woman’s prosthetic leg thrown at crew

A drunk woman on a Thomson Airlines flight from Tunisia began swearing, slapped a child, and threw food at cabin crew before tossing her prosthetic leg at them
The female passenger, 48, had her meltdown on Thomson Airlines flight 297 from Enfindha in Tunisia bound for Edinburgh in Scotland
“She was shouting ‘I want cigarettes’ and that she wanted a parachute to jump off the plane,” fellow passenger John Smith, 48, told Edinburgh Evening News
“She slapped a young girl and then assaulted the cabin crew with her prosthetic leg
“They took it off her, but she started kicking them with her good leg.
“It sounds funny, but it was not a laughing matter at the time. It was serious. She was totally drunk. It was pretty shocking
Cabin crew managed to restrain the woman, from Edinburgh, and placed her in handcuffs as the pilot diverted the flight to Gatwick Airport, London, where Sussex Police officers were waiting, The UK Telegraph reported
“When police came on board to escort her off the plane, people started singing the Hokey Cokey,” Mr Smith said
“She embarrassed everybody on the flight. A lot of people were upset about it, especially those with children”
Sussex Police said the woman, who is unemployed, was arrested on suspicion of using threatening behaviour while aboard the flight
“The flight was diverted into Gatwick after it was alleged the woman had been abusive and had thrown a prosthetic leg and food at cabin crew”
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Now they are the real bitter clingers

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Amusing Italian commercial

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What Iran's permanent contraceptives ban will mean for sharmutas

A country where contraception is illegal is a country that is hostile to women. Last week Iran’s parliament passed legislation that would criminalise abortions, sterilisations and any form of permanent contraception such as vasectomies. With lengthy prison terms for convicted offenders, the drastic move is designed to combat the country’s sharply decreasing population
The steep decline is intriguing given that, unlike western countries experiencing similar downturns, the country’s population is mostly very young. Almost 70 percent of Iran’s 77 million people are under 35. And until relatively recently, the birth rate was booming
It certainly isn’t news that women’s bodies frequently become the battleground in politics. Just yesterday the US Supreme Court ruled that closely held corporations (i.e. those with only a few shareholders) who oppose women’s contraception on religious grounds did not have to include reproductive healthcare in their employees’ insurance, as required under President Oweblamer’s Affordable Care Act
Meanwhile, here in NSW, women are still waiting for the Upper House to debate Zoe’s Law, which, if passed will see personhood endowed on a foetus of 20 weeks. Increasingly, it appears, both corporations and foetuses are entitled to more human rights than women
Ironically, Iran’s current move to ban contraception overturns a previous campaign, “Fewer kids, better lives” first issued under Shah Mahound Reza Pahlavi’s rule in the 1960s, and which called for couples to have less children. But the population didn’t really explode until the early 80s, in the years following the pislamic Revolution, when the population still harboured enthusiasm for the new regime and the future
Now with Iran's dwindling population, and with the goal of doubling the population by 2050, the government is doing everything it can to boost the rate of birth
Initially, the issue was tackled with incentives including free delivery stays in hospital and longer maternity leave, and by cancelling birth control subsidies
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"I meant to get rid of those bomb parts"

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Historians: Warsaw ghetto uprising was overreaction

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