Monday, March 17, 2014

Wild pigs overrun homeowners in northern California

Wild pigs have found new homes in areas around San Jose, CA, much to the frustration of the humans who already live there
The feral pigs have acclimated to residential neighborhoods in northern California, damaging property and threatening the safety of homeowners, according to ABC News station KGO-TV in San Francisco
They have become more than just a nuisance, San Jose resident Shaneen Stroup told KGO

"My friend actually, because they get to be like 300 pounds, was chased to my front door one night by them," she said
In a memorandum addressed to the San Jose City Council, Councilman Johnny Khamis estimated that the pigs have caused thousands of dollars in property damage and pose a safety threat to children and adults. He believes the recent drought is to blame for populations moving from the hills closer to residential areas, he told KGO

Officials from the city of San Jose have issued a manual to help residents manage the problem, saying more aggressive measures to control the population are impractical, dangerous or illegal
"It is difficult and costly to have a lasting impact on the pig populations in this area through trapping or hunting," they write in the manual. "It is illegal to relocate pigs … it is dangerous to the community to hunt pigs"
The city says the most effective way for homeowners to get rid of the pigs is to put up low, sturdy fences in their yards. Other recommendations include using chemicals to rid lawns of bugs on which the pigs feed and putting up motion detectors to scare them away with lights or sound

Porcine damage to a golf course
News report here. But think of the arselifter repellent aspect. Nothing like wild pigs in the area to discourage arselifters from moving in.

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